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Child wearing goggles

Creating families through adoption

The challenge

There is a shortage of prospective adopters who consider adopting the growing number of children in care that are over 3 years old, boys, sibling groups and children with complex behavioural and physical needs.

Working with regional adoption services across Wales, we wanted to encourage people to consider adopting children with more complex needs so no child is left waiting.

The idea

From focus groups and insight, common reasons people give for not considering adopting the above children include babies/toddlers ‘come with less problems’ or ‘feel more their own’ and girls are ‘easier to parent’.

However, what was clear is that when you adopt it’s less about choosing a child, what adopters are longing for are the moments spent together – days out, days in, laughing until you cry, crying until you laugh.

#ChooseFamily put the focus on family and how opening your mind to a child regardless of age, gender, background etc. could help you achieve a family sooner.

Praised for its honesty, authenticity, and sincerity, the campaign was rooted firmly in the experiences of adopters and adopted young people.

From a child adopted at the age of 7 who wore goggles every day until the straps perished and a child who didn’t respond well to change to a child who’d never eaten a meal together at the table – the narrative of our creative is based on stories shared with us.

The result

  • 40+ adoption and parenting influencers sharing messages in and out of Wales
  • 16 pieces of coverage inc. the Metro, Good Morning Britain, ITV, BBC, Wales Online
  • 30+ stakeholders shared messages
  • 200k+ organic social reach
  • 25m+ OTS
  • 20k+ organic social engagements
  • 300k+ video views
  • 5k+ click throughs
  • 76% more web visits vs. same period LY

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