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In this changing world, we want our work to mean something.
Get it right and we can change communities and even society.
If that’s not worth working hard for, nothing is.

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Our story

Cowshed is named after the cowshed on the family farm where the business started. Vicki started the agency at a difficult time in her life when after several failed IVF attempts, she needed a renewed positive focus.

What’s that got to do with setting up an agency? Well, life’s got to mean something, right?

Making sure life was meaningful was the spark. Cowshed was the fire.

We’ve grown up a lot since then, but our mission stays true: to work with meaning, creating campaigns that work, with a team and clients we love, for causes we believe in.

We’re lucky enough to work with some of the brightest stars and organisations in the UK.

What we care about

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Work with meaning goes beyond our campaigns. It means committing to our people getting meaning from their work.

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By working on the things they care about and developing the careers they want.

By working with other people who are just as brave and creative as each other - because working with meaning brings us joy.

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