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Welcome to the Cowshed. It's where we roll up our sleeves to find creative solutions for the issues we care deeply about.

We call it work with meaning.

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Insights and Strategy

To change behaviours, first you need to understand core human motivators and barriers.

We don’t deal in obtuse methodologies and jargon. Instead, we couple industry touchpoints and data with our second-to-none experience in bespoke persona building and audience segmentation. Our dedicated community insights team are fully embedded within the communities we want to reach. We listen to what people say and more importantly, we listen to how they feel; challenging the norm as we go.

Our human focused, street up, socially agile approach to strategic communications requires care, attention, time and patience. We have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the UK since we launched in 2014 and from those experiences we learn.

We’re also not afraid to lean into our own lived experiences and we use them to shape our strategies.

After all, we’re people too.



Our creative is built on deep-rooted insights and driven by a fearless ambition to overcome our client’s challenges.

Our team of award-winning designers, copywriters, creative directors and linguists are highly considerate of each campaign’s audience, ensuring every piece of content we create is unique, authentic, flexible, accessible and inclusive.

We are committed to the continued development of the creative sector in Wales. Working with the finest freelancers and creative minds the country has to offer, you can be reassured that the money you entrust us with will support the local economy developing creative talent across the country we call home.


Digital and Media

We live in an increasingly digitised world where we are bombarded with messages from  multiple media touchpoints every day. It can be overwhelming.

That’s why digital and paid media strategy is at the very heart of all our integrated campaign work – to cut through that noise.

With granular campaign plans, journey mapping across TV, radio, programmatic, OOH, PPC, SEO, social and daily optimisation, we make sure our creative works as hard as it can.

In a nutshell, we make the most of every penny spent, and you will always see results.


We speak your language

Language is the most fundamental element of basic communication so we work hard to make sure our creative is delivered in the language that means the most to our audiences.  And of course we’re proud of our Welsh roots. Being a bilingual agency is our super-power.

Passionate about the preservation of Welsh, our brilliant team of Welsh language experts make sure all our campaigns use the right phrases, tone and vernacular for each audience. And beyond Welsh we’ve delivered copy and creative design in over 30 languages.


Media Relations

We have the privilege of telling the world all about our amazing clients.

Earned media is our forte. We understand strategic media relations, and how to leverage the right coverage at the right time and with specific audiences in mind.

Our team of highly qualified journalists and PR experts have extensive experience across print, digital and broadcast platforms. We know who to contact, and which elements of a story will interest a specific publication.

Whether its breaking news or long-lead documentaries and current affairs, we react, plan, develop and employ crisis communications to secure high profile media slots for key spokespersons and convey important information to a range of audiences.

We also develop extensive lines against enquiry, PEST analysis and briefing documents, so our clients always feel comfortable and confident when delivering their key messages to the public.


Campaign Management

The trust of our clients is fundamental in driving campaign success. We earn this by respecting every organisation we work with and by providing relevant, personalised experiences to suit a range of different needs.

Our campaigns team take client relationships extremely seriously and provide conscientious campaign management embedded with initiative, respect, organisation and honesty.

With extensive internal processes for campaign development, budget management, performance monitoring and evaluation, we provide strategic counsel for our clients in the ways that work for them. That goes for checks-ins too. Whether phone, email, text, Teams, PowerPoint, pdf, or a rocket to the moon – we are there for you however, and whenever you need us, and we are always prepared.

Our commitment to continuous development means we adapt quickly to changing priorities, objectives, timelines, budgets and workflows. But above anything else, we take a personal approach to building relationships with those we work with.

At Cowshed we always work with meaning, and working with you certainly means something to us.


We come from a long line of award winners. Here’s Vicki’s Grandfather, Jimmy Gynn with the prize winning bull at Smithfield Market, London in 1960.

We don’t work hard to win awards, but they are testament to the magic that happens when you join the right agency with the right client and we’re really proud of them.

  • PR Moment Awards 2024 – Community engagement
  • CIPR UK Excellence Awards 2023 – Not-for-profit and best use of content
  • UK Podcast Awards, 2023 – Best parenting podcast (silver)
  • CIPR Pride Cymru Awards 2023 – Integrated, not-for-profit and education
  • PRCA Dare Awards Cymru 2023 – Not-for-profit, event, integrated and media relations
  • CIPR UK Excellence Awards 2022 – Not-for-profit and best use of content
  • The Drum Roses 2022 – TV ad under £20k and public sector