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Family playing a game around a caravan table

Bringing something to the table for children in care.

The challenge

Across Wales, there are over 5,000 children in foster care but only 3,800 foster families.

More foster carers are urgently needed.

Between 2020 and 2022 local authorities reported a 10% net loss in the number of people enquiring to become foster carers.

In early 2023 development began on a fully integrated campaign to turn the tide on falling enquiry numbers.

The idea

The campaign was informed by a year of insights gathered with Wales’ diverse fostering community, to ensure authenticity and reduce barriers to application.

  1. Not feeling skilled or experienced enough to make a ‘big’ difference to a young person’s life.
  2. Not feeling fostering could fit into current lifestyle (i.e., children at home, a full-time job).
  3. Misconceptions around criteria to become a carer (e.g., age, marital status, income).
  4. 65% of foster carers introduce a child to eating meals at a table.

Combined insights led to a creative concept using a table as a metaphor to indicate everyone has something to ‘bring to the table’ as a foster carer.


increase in fostering enquiries in one month.