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Andrew at the Cowshed office

A Traitor calls into Cowshed

Swapping a fancy Scottish castle for Cowshed HQ, a special, hooded visitor dropped by the Shed this week.

Andrew Jenkins, star of hit show The Traitors, stopped by to talk to our team about his journey following a life-threatening car accident and his recent experiences since the show.

He even walked in wearing the famous Traitors cloak.

Since his stint on the show, he’s also been involved with our award-winning Sound campaign – which aims to educate men about behaviours and healthy relationships to help end violence against women and domestic abuse.

Andrew has been on a journey in recent years, trying to better himself and form healthier relationships, making him the perfect ambassador for our campaign. He attended the premier of our documentary Sound Lad? where he was part of a Q&A panel – you can read more about Sound Lad? here.

Andrew Jenkins at the Sound Lad? Showcase, at Riverfront Theatre, Newport
Andrew Jenkins at the Sound Lad? premiere, at the Riverfront Theatre, Newport

More recently, he filmed a short but powerful video with us for the campaign.

In that video, Andrew opens up to his son Morgan, and the pair have a real frank and eye-opening conversation.

During the heart-to-heart, Morgan suggests his dad sought validation in women after the accident, instead of working on own his mental health and learning to accept himself.

You can see that video here (let us know what you think on our socials!):

Our campaign director, Beth, has been working with Andrew on Sound. She said: “The Sound campaign is all about men being given a safe space to reflect on significant experiences in their lives, and how those experiences impacted upon their sense of identity and their behaviours. 

“Andrew’s willingness to discuss the true impact of his car accident on his mental health, and also on his relationships with those around him is truly inspiring, and will go a long way to changing the narrative around how men deal with trauma. 

“Every man is someone’s son, so it was particularly poignant to bring Andrew’s son Morgan into our conversation to highlight how cycles of trauma can be broken rather passed down from generation to generation.” 

Andrew in the Cowshed office
Andrew wearing his Traitors cloak in the Cowshed office

Beth added: “We left our filming day with Andrew feeling moved by his honesty and authenticity, and so it was great to be able to invite him into the Cowshed offices to share his story with the wider team.”

For more information on Sound, click here.

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