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Fostering friendly and adoption friendly business logos on a faded orange to purple colour background

We’re officially an adoption and foster friendly employer

We don’t just promote our clients’ vision and mission; we fully embrace them. Working with the National Adoption Service and Foster Wales for the past half a decade has led us to evaluate our business practices and we’re proud to be recognised as an adoption-friendly and foster-friendly employer.  

Last year we carried out an extensive piece of work to enhance our benefits and policies. Inclusion was at the heart of our decision making and with employees choosing to have a family in different ways, making sure our policies were equitable was important to us.

Through consultation with the team, we equalised our parental leave entitlement for mums, dads, partners whether having a child naturally, through IVF, surrogacy, or adoption.

From our own experience, we know the devastation unsuccessful treatments and adoption placements can cause so we’ve introduced paid time off to grieve the loss.

We also introduced foster leave to allow time off for unsettled children and young people to get used to their new surroundings.

These progressive parental benefits have already attracted talent from large organisations to our growing business.

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