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Spotted: reindeer training on Gower beach

Is this the real-life Rudolph the red nose reindeer?


Gearing up for Christmas can be a hectic and stressful time for local Gower Christmas tree farmer, Rob Morgan. Luckily Rob has a furry friend by his side to keep him company through the winter months, Buddy the reindeer.

Buddy was born six months ago at Gower Christmas tree farm. Due to complications, Rob needed to intervene with the herd and take on Buddy’s care. Since then, Buddy has taken a shining to Rob and they now have an inseparable bond.

Unlike any of the other 36 reindeers on the farm, Buddy follows Rob everywhere. So much so, he also joins Rob for a walk along the stunning Gower coastline. His calm and subdued nature means that he behaves perfectly around humans and can walk alongside Rob whilst taking a moment away from the busy-ness of the farm.

Rob Morgan said: “Buddy is a very special reindeer. Having to look after him from birth, we’ve grown accustomed to each other’s company and he now wants to be wherever I am. His face lights up and he jumps with excitement as soon as I walk out to the fields in the morning to greet him and the others.”

“Reindeers can be anxious animals and need companionship to feel protected. That’s why I have a full herd of over 30 reindeer, all of which roam happily and freely on my land. At Christmas time, people are invited to feed the reindeer on the farm. Buddy is a firm favourite with visitors because of his kind and loving nature.”

Rob Morgan’s Christmas tree farm is based in Gower, west Wales just 6 miles inland from the coastline. Unique in its setting, the farm not only offers your ideal Christmas tree shopping experience, but an opportunity to explore this area of outstanding beauty.

He continues: “Winter is when Gower truly comes alive with its wild waves, rugged headlands and moody skies. It would be a waste to come all the way out to our farm, or on any visit to pick a tree from a similarly beautiful setting, without making it a tradition to spend the day discovering the local area.”

Caring not only for his animals but his planet too, Rob invests extra time into making sure that his farm is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Studies show that, globally, our carbon footprint is 6% higher during the festive period than the rest of the year. For every tree sold, Rob plants four more. This year he has increased his supply of potted trees and offers a recycling service for non-potted trees, using the chippings as fertiliser.

Rob added: “All the trees on our farm are grown in the home soil of Wales, spending four years in a local nursery before being moved to the Gower farm where they spend the next ten years growing into incredible trees. As the trees are not imported from overseas and they’re all homegrown in Wales, they have a very minimal carbon footprint.”

Throughout the course of the year, Visit Wales has been promoting unique and beautiful places to discover across Wales and Rob’s farm and the surrounding areas of outstanding beauty make him the perfect candidate to be the face of Wales at Christmas.

To plan a visit to Gower Christmas Tree farm and read more of Rob’s story, visit the Visit Wales website at:


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