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Q&A with our BAME interns

Say hello to our new interns!

It’s been a busy month at Cowshed as we welcomed Nadia, Temeka and Tadi to the team. As the first to take on our BAME internship, they’ve been such a positive asset to us, so we asked them to interview each other to find out exactly what it’s been like for them.

Here’s what they had to say about their time here so far, which has (thankfully!) been full of valuable learning experiences:


Meet Nadia, an English Language and Literature graduate with a passion for storytelling.

What attracted you to this internship?

I really wanted to be in an environment where I could develop my writing skills and exercise my creativity every single day and it’s definitely ticked that box for me already. I also felt inspired by Cowshed’s dedication to making their campaigns and their team more inclusive. It’s been a mutual learning experience and we’ve all been made to feel really welcome here – it genuinely doesn’t feel like an internship!

How are you making a difference by working at Cowshed?

Each of the clients we work with are so varied and yet united by a single thread; they each represent causes Cowshed believes in. It’s really exciting to start working on campaigns knowing we’ll be making an impact and then seeing exactly what that impact is by the end of it.

Is there anything that has surprised you?

I never thought I’d feel so elated coming across an ad on social media for a campaign that I’ve worked on. I’m usually skipping the ads to see my Instagram stories but now I’m skipping the stories to see the ads!


Meet Temeka, a Communications and Media graduate with a love for understanding communities in order to deliver an impact.

What skill have you developed since being at Cowshed?

I’ve definitely developed my creative thinking. The level and consistency of creative thinking within the team honestly surprised me; they have so many creative ideas on hand all the time! You must constantly stay inspired and in the loop with creativity. Being on the front foot of news, trends and ideas is a necessity. It’s a strength of mine that I’ve felt has stretched and grown here.

What is something you’ve learnt about working at an integrated communications agency that you didn’t know before?

Before working at Cowshed, I thought it was just about PR but I’ve since learnt that it has many different hats. I’m so pleased I’ve been able to learn what each of them are in such a short space of time whilst being in a great team and environment.

How will your experience at Cowshed shape your professional future?

I’ve gained a further understanding of the communication industry from a professional point of view which, of course, is an asset wanted within companies. I’m able to know the reasons behind actions taken, giving me a higher chance of succeeding in my professional future. However, on a more personal note, Cowshed has further cemented my belief in working for something you believe in. I love that each client is creating change for good or is simply doing something for the community. Knowing the satisfaction of being part of that makes me not want to lose it in my professional future.


Meet Tadi, a Politics and Journalism student with a drive for change.

What is the one thing that you’ve never done before Cowshed?

Being a part of the BAME internship programme with Cowshed has allowed me to do many things I have never done before. A great example is how Cowshed has introduced me to the world of networking through going to events like the CIPR Cymru social and the launch of FOR Cardiff’s, ‘The Card.’ These experiences have helped develop my communication skills which will be extremely useful in my professional future.

How are you going to use skills you’ve gained or developed after the internship?

During my time at Cowshed, I’ve gained and developed many skills but the one that stands out to me is the development of my writing skills. Through writing up social media content calendars, I have learnt the importance of the tone of my writing when representing a client.

Why would you recommend this internship to others?

I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in PR and media because it really does give you a real outlook on the professional world. At Cowshed, they are focused on giving you real experience; therefore, you are not just making everyone tea and coffee but being an active member of the company. What makes Cowshed different from other PR and marketing agencies is that it has such a great working environment that not only challenges you but takes time to make sure you fully understand what you are working on and feel part of the team.


They also created this video, putting their new skills into practice:

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