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My two months with Cowshed

Hi, I’m Tadi and I’m currently studying Journalism, Communications and Politics at Cardiff University.

First off, I want to start by saying that working with Cowshed has been an honour.

Although challenging at times, I feel this internship has been crucial to grow my confidence. Working here for the past two months has enabled me to take my academic knowledge and apply it in the professional world of work.

Being concerned with social justice and helping people, I was attracted to this internship because of how Cowshed came across on their social media and website; as Cowshed is guided by what they believe in and really contribute to communities in and out of Wales. They aren’t just a PR and marketing company – they’re an integrated communications agency with multiple skills and a real passion for what they do.

Cowshed doesn’t just work on causes they believe in, they support and encourage people within their work environment. Vicki and the team have made me to feel comfortable trying new things, whether that be answering the company phone or writing up my first media invite and press release and sending it out to the local press.

My creativity has been challenged as I have be asked to think of new, innovative ideas for different campaigns. Creative sessions were great as not only could I contribute to the conversation, I could also see other creative minds at work which really encouraged me to think outside the box.

Being able to create my own content about my own experience has really allowed me to express myself. I particularly loved creating a video about diversity with the other interns. It allowed me to try filming and editing a video for the first time. This was important to me because I got to listen to how us interns were impacting Cowshed by encouraging their campaigns to be as representative and as diverse as possible.

Seeing that the team have recognised my ability to contribute ideas about diversity to their campaigns really means a lot.

Writing press releases, media invites and emails to press was extremely exciting as it was a new experience to pitch and test my confidence calling media outlets! The most important thing I learnt when writing a press release is how crucial the first paragraph is to grab the attention of journalist.

I would recommend this internship to fellow students and graduates because it’s a company that is only getting better and better at what they do. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of a respected company who have your best interest at heart? You will learn skills that will help you throughout your professional life as well as enjoy your time here – I hope to be able to carry the skills I learnt here through to wherever life takes me next.

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