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My fabulous experience in Cowshed

It’s been three months since I started my internship at Cowshed. Time is running so fast that I am now packing my suitcase.

The beginning of a new adventure

After my Bachelor’s in Communication and Digital Marketing in France, I decided to realise what I always dreamed to do, to work abroad. I wanted above all to improve my English and get experience in my field in a UK country. So, I took part in the Erasmus + program which gave me access to an internship in Cardiff, Wales. I was so happy to have been selected to benefit from this opportunity.

I was placed in Cowshed. I was looking for the idea of ​​integrating a team with a mentality and a completely different corporate culture, but I was very curious to discover what was going to await me.

My first day at Cowshed was very special because I was really trained on the company, the different clients with whom we collaborate and the working methods. My very first opinion was positive because they really took care of myself and it is something that I rarely lived during my previous internships in France. The Welsh people have a very good sense of hospitality and are caring. In addition, the new offices of the agency are super nice, very sweet and I also appreciate the open space allowing everyone to streamline communication in the office.

My missions at Cowshed

Over the weeks, my colleagues have entrusted me with very interesting missions like writing digital content for customers on social networks, make video montages, stay in constant watch and inform my colleagues about the latest news, search influencers, write monthly reports and many more …

The missions are very varied, it allowed me to touch everything, to be versatile and autonomous. I was able to use my creativity and my logic through the numbers. Suffice to say that here, we do not get bored … And it was really what I needed to increase my skills.

My experience

It is true that it is not always easy to arrive in a new country and to work there because the language barrier is often frequent. In Cowshed, I’ve met great people who know how to be present when we need them and who know how to listen. Trust me, that listening to me speak with five or six grammar mistakes in two sentences, it should not be easy for them … so, yes, patience is largely part of the qualities of the team. This experience gave me the opportunity to ripen, to discover a lot of things and to improve my English. I sincerely believe that you can only really learn a language by going directly to the field and practicing each day.

My last words

Thank you very much to the Cowshed team for this internship and “Au revoir!”

Lena Rezki

Lena also co-produced a post and video about being an intern at Cowshed that you can watch here:

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