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Cowshed launches first national behaviour change campaign for NHS 111 Wales

During an exceptionally busy period for the health service in Wales, Cowshed are proud to partner with NHS 111 Wales, to shift behaviours amongst the Welsh public when accessing health care services.

Working in close collaboration with the NHS 111 Wales project team (including Welsh Ambulance Service Trust, Welsh Government, Welsh Health Boards and patients) we have developed an innovative multi-channel marketing campaign, including a brand-new TV advert, audio and radio adverts, PR, paid digital and social, influencer content, out of home and organic content.

The campaign aims to ensure that people across Wales get the right care, in the right place, first time, by using the NHS 111 Wales online symptom checker and phone number – to ease pressure on the Welsh Ambulance Service and Emergency Departments.

Billboard advertising the NHS number, 111 A large billboard advertising NHS 111

The first phase of this campaign ran in late 2022 and proved extremely effective, gaining more than 40 million impacts across multiple channels, including 37 pieces of media coverage.

Positive sentiment around NHS 111 Wales increased by 10% during the campaign phase and longer terms results predict a 15% increase in public intention to use NHS 111 Wales with urgent health care needs.

The second phase of the campaign sees the launch of NHS 111 Wales’ first national television advert, produced in partnership with Mother Goose Films.

Two people working on a film A TV screen showing a dog A person working on a film

We developed this concept following extensive audience testing, which allowed us to explore the universal human truth that we often turn to the wrong people and places for health advice (Dr Google anyone?!)

This allowed us to position (with a touch of humour!) NHS 111 Wales as the expert source of trusted healthcare advice.

To amplify, we have worked with six carefully selected Welsh influencers to create a range of content for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, with a focus on digital first messaging.

With each influencer reaching a different demographic, the posts will engage a diverse audience, with a total reach of more than 2 million.

Our evaluation of public sentiment has shown a general awareness of the pressures facing the NHS and growing sympathy towards those working within the service.

In order to build on this understanding, we have produced two case study videos, increasing service transparency around patient experience.

Ruth Adams, 42, from Cwmbran, struggled with cold and flu like symptoms in the run up to Christmas, eventually phoning 111 on Boxing Day. She said:

“It’s really important that NHS 111 Wales is there for us all. I do feel that the care I’ve had has been amazing.

“If you can pick up the phone and the person on the end of that phone is able to answer your questions and concerns, it is worth that wait.”

Vicki Spencer-Francis, Managing Director of Cowshed, said:

“The work we do is hard and the outcomes we want to achieve with each piece of work, are difficult to get to.

“I am extremely proud of the whole team and wider stakeholder group who developed this campaign. I hope it has the impact we need, to support our NHS and people across Wales.” Visit for trusted healthcare advice and more information on services near you.

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