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Cowshed with the phs team and at Vattenfall's new Pen y Cymoedd site

Cowshed lands two new international clients

Kicking off our 10th year celebrations in style, we’re thrilled to announce we’re now working with two new international clients.

Earlier this year we pitched to look after creative campaigns for international hygiene specialists, phs, and to handle comms for the Welsh arm of one of Europe’s largest energy companies, Vattenfall.

Founder and managing director, Vicki Spencer-Francis, said: “We are thrilled to add two exceptional new clients to our client roster. phs is an international business, based in Wales with purpose and ambition stamped through the core of everything they do. Vattenfall, the global energy provider with a key asset in Wales – Pen y Cymoedd wind farm – that’s investing into our local communities.

“As phs’ creative agency, we’ll deliver design and creative campaigns for important topics including partnership work with Prostate Cancer UK. As Vattenfall’s PR agency we’re tasked with helping increase awareness and understanding of the benefits of windfarms to support a fossil free future.

“We won the contracts after competitive pitches that challenged the way we work and brought the very best out of us. Both contracts will use the full breadth of expertise we have here at Cowshed and continue our mission to work with meaning. We are excited to work with their outstanding in-house teams to bring our ideas to life.”  

Pitching to phs, which provides services in the UK, Ireland and Spain, we managed to impress the team with our creative campaign ideas and Christmas planning (in March!) and we’re excited to bring these ideas to life.

The Cowshed team talks Christmas ideas with phs in March
The Cowshed team talks Christmas ideas with phs in March

Campaign director, Charlie, is overseeing phs for Cowshed. Charlie said: “Securing the phs contract is brilliant for my team. We now get to work with another international client and really showcase our work on much larger stage.  

“We like to be as creative as possible, and our unique pitches – which involved mince pies and Christmas crackers in March – show our outside-the-box thinking. We can’t wait to show the world what we do together.” 

Sweden-based Vattenfall, covers energy markets in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, and here in the UK they focus on renewable energy with onshore wind farms.

They currently have a windfarm in south Wales, Pen y Cymoedd. It is Vattenfall’s largest onshore wind farm, supplying 188,000 households with renewable electricity from wind power.

“Both contracts will use the full breadth of expertise we have here at Cowshed and continue our mission to work with meaning.”

Vicki Spencer-Francis, managing director of Cowshed

Campaign director, Rhian, is overseeing our work with Vattenfall. Rhian said: “At Cowshed, we’re a passionate bunch. Yes, it’s our job to deliver for clients and we hold ourselves to high standards for that delivery, but we’re not just saying it when we say we truly get involved and want to make positive change to the communities of Wales and beyond.

“So, when the opportunity to pitch for a contract with Vattenfall for Wales-based communications landed on my desk, I knew we had to do everything we could to get it. Going through a competitive pitching process is incredibly nerve-wracking, and I spent most of my Christmas break thinking about my ideas, talking about wind farms, and gauging knowledge.

“For Cowshed, this is a huge step forward in our client base. A large corporate client with global reach, putting Wales on an international stage. And we get to be part of that story.”

Rhian's team at Vattenfall's Pen y Cymoedd site to learn more about the wind farm
Rhian’s team at Vattenfall’s Pen y Cymoedd site to learn more about the wind farm

“For my team, this is a career-defining moment. They’ll get to connect with a community, share its stories, design and work on campaigns that educate and inform people about the power of wind energy, and experience working with a global company.

“It’s the kind of client that changes you, teaches you about the world and brings you a big step along in your career pathway.”

Campaign director Rhian at Vattenfall's Pen y Cymoedd site
Campaign director Rhian at Vattenfall’s Pen y Cymoedd site

Rhian added: “For me, it’s personal. This is my community. My friends, and my own family, have benefitted from the wind farm, and I want to help more community groups and organisations, people with ideas, understand they can directly benefit from the Pen y Cymoedd community fund.”

“We’ll keep sharing this journey as we go on it, along with our learnings and successes. For now, we’re genuinely excited to get going and couldn’t be happier that Vattenfall chose to work with us.” 

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