Brace’s Bread

Connecting a bakery with the community it serves

To connect Brace’s Bakery with its core customer, highlighting the importance of family, community and ‘Welshness’

What we did:

  • Set up Toast on the Touchline, where Brace’s went to local sports clubs during the cold winter months to warm shivering parents and guardians up with toast
  • Engaged with over 98 clubs, building a strong network of community groups online and in person
  • Brought together all Brace’s existing grant giving into one pot, allowing clubs to apply for £500 each
  • Set up terms and conditions for this fund, and managed the grant application process from start to finish
  • Took Brace’s sports sponsorship from ad hoc activity with low engagement to a planned programme with more social interactions


  • Within 24 hours of launching the Community Sport Fund, Brace’s received over 100 applications
  • Within 7 days, applications had topped 200
  • Applications currently stand at 245

What we love about Brace’s:
Their unwavering community focus – and their Welsh cakes.