Here’s a little bit of information about the team at Cowshed.

Vicki Spencer-Francis

Founder & MD

Vicki started Cowshed so she could use her experience to make a difference to people’s lives. Shaking up the face of communication agencies in Wales, she has handpicked the best people to help her do it. With more connections than Kevin Bacon, Vicki makes things happen.

She’s also a keen cow enthusiast, able to name more than twenty different breeds. She’s sketchier on the subject of sheds.

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“I love working at Cowshed because I get to spend my days creating amazing campaigns, working with exceptional people and knowing that when I get home, we are building an agency with a difference.”


“I love working at Cowshed because we’re such a happy agency – and we get to look at Cardiff Castle every day for inspiration.“

Kate Mann

Associate Director

Kate’s got it all going on. Leading the team through the most creative campaigns to come out of Castle Street, Kate is a multi award winning, new business getting, down right beautiful lady. She bakes, but we try not to encourage it.

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Stacey Oliver

Campaign Manager

Stacey is and will always be, the first person to join Cowshed. She is our rock, our clarity, our award winner and ultimately, our constant stream of amusement.


“I love working at Cowshed because I love my boss, love the team, love our clients and just love my job.”

“I love working at Cowshed and have learnt so much in the last couple of years working on amazing clients with a fabulous team, there’s no place I’d rather be!”

Hollie Jones

Campaign Officer

A Master in International Public Relations, Hollie is a people person, is hands on and loves a challenge.

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Nicola Francois-Jenkins

Events and Office Manager

Nicola joined Cowshed in January 2016. She’s super efficient, a great communicator and will run up a spreadsheet in a matter of minutes…whether you need one or not. Her love of chickens knows no bounds.

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“I love working at Cowshed because as a team, we’re working for the good of the world around us.”

“I love working at Cowshed because I get to work on campaigns I believe in with a team of lovely (and funny) people.”

Robbie Pritchard

Campaign Assistant

Robbie joined Cowshed in January 2017 and he’s already a whizz at media sell ins – we think it’s his regional accent.

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Admiral Archibald Duff

The youngest member of the Cowshed team, Archie is our meet and greet specialist. A hit with all visitors to the shed, bring him food and he’ll be your friend forever. This also goes for the rest of the team actually…