Cowshed and Smart Energy Collaborate with Welsh Choir Master, Tim Rhys Evans MBE

Cowshed are very excited to reveal the latest and most unusual project for Wales’s best loved choir master, Tim Rhys Evans MBE: a choir of smart meter installers.

Energise: The Smart Meter Choir, will record a newly-composed song at Wales’s famous Rockfield Studios to celebrate the coming of smart meters to every home as part of the digital energy upgrade currently underway across Britain.

Inspired by the expert men and women who’ll be responsible for upgrading new smart gas and electricity meters in every home in Wales and across Great Britain, the choral expert has recruited engineers and staff from several energy suppliers across England and Wales, including British Gas, SSE and E.ON.

Smart meters are being fitted at no extra cost between now and 2020 in every home.  They will bring an end to the era of estimated bills and show us all what we’re spending in pounds and pence, in near real-time. At the heart of this national rollout are the thousands of highly-trained men and women who’ll be fitting Britain’s new meters.

Tim Rhys Evans is previously known for leading Only Men Aloud to victory in prime-time BBC competition Last Choir Standing in 2008, and reaching the semi-finals of 2012’s Britain’s Got Talent with Only Boys Aloud. His numerous choral achievements include performances at the Royal Variety Performance in 2008, RBS Six Nations games and the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Rehearsals are currently underway and Energise: The Smart Meter Choir will go on to record an original song specially composed by Tim, with the help of music producer James Clarke, who has worked with Rufus Wainwright and Cerys Matthews. Some of the older singers of the choirs run by Tim’s Aloud Charity also contributed, chosen for their compositional skills and interest in song-writing.

The song will be recorded in the famous Rockfield Studios, in Monmouthshire, where legendary bands including Oasis and Queen have recorded albums.

Tim said: “This huge national transformation of energy is really inspiring and will make a big difference to every home. I was struck by the way so many people from different organisations across the country are working together to make sure everyone can be part of it – just as we do in music.  The prospect of building Energise: The Smart Meter Choir of ‘non singers’ and taking them on their journey, from recruitment to recording an original song is really exciting.

“Rehearsals are going well so far; we can’t wait to get into the recording studio!”

Fflur Lawton, Head of Policy and Communication for Wales for Smart Energy GB, added: “We are thrilled that Tim and James were so inspired by the army of smart meters and call centre staff who are the backbone of the smart meter rollout, hard at work making sure everyone gets their digital upgrade. I’m sure this song will get the teams whistling while they work.”

The original song will be released in early January alongside a short film documenting the project, from recruitment to recording, and will be available to watch on Smart Energy GB’s YouTube channel and for free download on Spotify.


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