Bar 44 unveil the new backdrop to dining out in Bristol

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Bar 44 unveil the new backdrop to dining out in Bristol

Ahead of the opening of their newest tapas bar and restaurant in Clifton Village on 1 August, Bar 44 has unveiled an exciting new piece of artwork by artist and long-time friend, Andi Rivas.

A world-renowned graphic artist, Andi has previously worked on stunning installations at their Cowbridge, Penarth and Cardiff sites and has a unique gift in marrying classic Spanish design with a deep understanding of Spanish culture and a uniquely modern and fun style of painting.

The mural forms the focal point of the new Bar 44, combining inspiration from Alhambra Cerveza, with its stunning Moorish architecture, with a fun-filled twist of cheeky cherubs drinking beer and having a good time.  The result can be seen in this video, which details the two-week long process of creating the mural. 

Tom Morgan, co-owner of Bar 44, said: “The installation really was a labour of love, as, after only a couple of days, Andi fell off his bike and had to complete the mural with his arm in a sling.  Initially, Andi thought that the piece of work was cursed!  However, when looking at the finished article with deep satisfaction, he was more philosophical, declaring, “You know what they say, Tom, ‘no pain, no gain’!”

Andi has now turned his focus to a trio of giant canvases which will adorn the wall next to the “bodeguilla de jamón” (literally, the ham cellar or vault) in the bar.  There will be three hand-carved top-grade Ibérico hams on the menu, from three different DO Jamón-producing areas in Spain.  Andi has taken inspiration from a famous Spanish phrase for the canvases.  The Beatles sang “all you need is love”, however, in Spain they want more from life, they believe that the secret to a fruitful life is “Salud, Dinero y Amor”, or Health, Wealth and Love.  Each picture follows one of these themes, but as always, Andi has included a provocative twist and some of his unique humour.  There are even some references to Clifton and Bristol in the paintings which the keen-eyed observer should be able to spot.

Tom is delighted with the results: “As always, it has been inspiring to see Andi produce some unique representations of Spanish life, history and culture for Bar 44.  We are so very fortunate to have become friends with such a talented artist.  He really understands the passion for Spain and Spanish produce that the Bar 44 team endeavour to bring to the customer every single day and this is reflected in his stunning works of art”. 

 Bar 44 Bristol opens on 1 August 2018 to book a table visit


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